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Our story begins with the Elder Gods. Legendary divine beings of magnificent power that retain the highest tier of... See More

Oxl and Mao

Oxl, was born in the Second Age of Gielinor. Her accomplice, Mao Tribulus, guided Oxl to her own destiny. Within the Second Age, war between the gods.. See More


The mind finally clears. As this new profound draconic god wakes from his slumber, Eldrax lifted his head. His body returned to his human form and surrounding him were... See More

King Chimera

He was a beautiful and glorious boy. From the day I housed him as a cub, the beast blooms with joy and protects the innocent. My Chimera... See More


The Elder Gods were legendary divine beings that birthed universe after universe, world after world. Gielinor was their last creation. In the First Age, the Elder Gods sculpted... See More

Baron Maple

Priffdinas. A safe haven and network community built by the Elves and the Goddess, Seren. It was a glorious city the Elven clans enriched with the power of... See More