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  1. Leather Shields With the appropriate crafting level, players can now nail leather to their wooden shields! Warrior Showdown Shanomi is looking for warrior's strong enough to further his animation research! With his brand new discoveries, those who assist the legendary swordsman will be rewarded points that they can use with Shanomi. This update introduces new items into the game such as the Warrior's Scroll for the prayer, Warrior's Will. The Samurai set will be moved to Shanomi's Bazaar, alongside the Cyclopsi pet, Overload potions, Small Experience lamps (adventurer gamemode only) and more. The Realm of Spiritual Passage: Gwadia Rework In the next patch update, existing players who create new accounts may notice something different. Gwadia has had a make-over! The change was necessary for the new lore implementations as well as to give a better feel of a 'spiritual' environment. Note: This is still a work in progress, more changes to this area will be defined in future patch notes. Environmental Fog System Thanks to @Zac , the Environmental fog system has been revisited and remastered. With these changes, the gameplay with the active setting should now enhance the overall aesthetic of the game. Vorkath Though known to the Dragonkin as a failure, this extraordinary undead beast has finally arrived to Illerai. Players within the BETA can use the command ::vorki to test out this new addition. Gem Bag Players can now carefully store their precious gems inside a gem bag, capable of holding up to 60 gems of each type! In other news; Fixed an offset on new OSRS Objects they should now render correctly Fixed the Title when selecting game modes Fixed a character issue with Player game mode selection Fixed some map related issues around the Home area Replaced 'Penetration' with 'Divinity' in the equipment screen Divinity: Amount of rage points you receive per hit / block. Arcane, Dragonfire, Dragon square, Elysian and Spectral shields now require an anvil to create. Motion applies to wards with the Volcanic forge. The Dragonfire shield model now changes depending on if it's charged or not. (Becomes untradeable when charged) You can now empty the Dragonfire shield in your inventory. The Sprite outline in the God tab have been improved The 317 gamframe has been given some changes the gods icon now look more like the 317 revision thanks to @Maximax More Settings now work in the Settings tab Added a full-screen button in settings tab Tabs in the settings tab now highlight Settings Interface now shows sprite Previews thanks to @Maximax Images The Coal bag has now been implemented with its full effect. Slayer gem can now be purchased from slayer stores. The Prestige panel's close button now functions as it should Fixed the Anvil's left click (was applied to NPCs instead of Objects, my bad - Jeeku) Re-enabled the Achievement perk panel Fixed the Tab creation and Bolt enchantment interfaces Al-Kharid warriors and TzHaar-Hur have been added to Thieving Al-Kharid warriors around the palace have been reduced in numbers Thieving has received minor adjustments to damage dealt and stun timers Client size now saves depending on your settings Fixed a couple of issues with the Illerai Guide Fixed some issues with the Skilling guides (not all) Fixed Prayer unlocks not saving Fixed the special attack orb Fixed Godsword special attacks Konar's Dialogue animation has been fixed Certain pet dialogue animations have been fixed Kalphite queen and Corporeal beast/dark core metamorphosis are now working as they should Gwadia has been slightly edited Small animals now inhabit Gwadia Fixed trident of the swamp and seas Adjusted Trident attack speeds Lamps now have a new interface including all skills The Performance of status bars have been improved When clicking the Prayer orb it now changes sprites The Right click on the Prayer orbs now edits depending on your quick prayer state Fixed a offset for the tooltip hovers in the skill tab Some Gameframe Sprites have been improved more will be done in the future Fixed a blackoutline that showed in the god tab Fixed the position of the gamemode icons Improved Tweening Magic tab has started to be fixed No Black box in resizable Showing -1 in the section where it says the amount you have
  2. I really like this idea but I think would be nice even to have just as a normal skilling method somehow so it's not just limited to skillers.. But maybe non skillers get less perks. Yes I do agree that it's really outdated intact if I remember it was one of the first custom things to go ingame before we stepped up our production value and the interface is really old... I personally am focusing on skiller mode / skilling in general since that's where my knowledge and passion lies along with the economy
  3. Our development team retrieved the bug spray and splatters and went on a spree killing every bug we could find. And with the help of a very few who were dedicated enough to consistently post within the #bugs section on our discord, have almost eradicated every bug reported! Special thanks to: @Gealt976, @Maximax, @Silvernova Without further ado, here are the bugs we've squashed and the Updates! Fixed all Scimitar and Longsword weapon interfaces Fixed the special attack on the Toxic Blowpipes weapon interface Fixed Demonic Gorillas not attacking back Fixed mining essence The Wind wizard special attack has been altered slightly The Fire wizards special attack now burns you (with status) Mage Arena I has been cleaned up to be exactly like OSRS (animations and all) Mage Arena II Has been fixed The Slayer Master interfaces have been fixed Slayer stores are now separate to Slayer Reward Stores (One for equipment, other for rewards) Slayer store prices have been altered slightly (including unlocks, rewards and extends) Dragon claws blood money price is now 175k from 75k Clue scrolls now include puzzles! (Hard and Elite clues only) Players can now collect one of each clue scroll difficulty Pest control monsters can now be attacked (alongside portals) Fixed the Herb Sack name and Login error it gave Fixed Zulrah's poison clouds and other object related issues Fixed not being able to equip Bronze, Steel, Black, Mithril and Adamant swords Fixed getting stuck on Seer's village bank rooftop agility obstacle Fixed the Iron and Rune rocks not working Fixed Dwarf cannons, will now construct to the finish Dwarf multi cannons now work inside the wilderness Matched the Multicannon to OSRS (GFX delays, hit delays, etc) Fixed being able to sell 0 tokkul worth items to TzHaar shops Fixed food setting your maximum hp level instead of hitpoints Fixed the crash when running out of prayer points Fixed AoE damaging attacks killing non-combat NPCs Added the weapon interfaces for the Twisted bow and Toktz-Mej-Tal Fixed auto casting with a different spellbook Ents now drop trunks to chop from Multi attacks now only affect those near the NPC (example Graardor's ranged attack in Bandos chamber) Barrelchest has been removed from Elder slayer tasks Filtiarn will only be assigned after completing 'Beyond the Blizzard' Cerberus now counts towards a Slayer task (both Hellhounds and Cerberus tasks) Can now empty vials, bowls, buckets and jugs You can now make Headless arrows using feathers and arrow shafts together Fixed stackable shrimp Can now cook meat on ranges Reduced the damage from fixing the multicannon for Mechanical Trouble from 5+5 to 2+3 (second number is randomly enerated, maximum: 10/5) Fixed omni wizards demons not using magic Fixed noted Dagannoth hide Removed the extra firemaking message when you can't light a fire Fixed a few staircases (Draynor manor, Varrock castle, Camelot castle) Fixed Alkharid palace doors Al-Kharid warriors are now attackable and now have a drop table Added new potion system Baron Maple has been re-written and overhauled The Fight caves now presents 63 waves with real mechanics (First fire cape achieved grants you an extra firecape from the achievement diaries) Some lore through the books in the Archaeology center have been altered to better suit the game's lore Added Animated world background to the client with a toggle Fixed a issue with Icons in the chat area Optimized the client a little bit Fixed the Player saves showing multiple accounts Fixed the account settings interface it is no longer a tab and it looks much better Fixed slayer interface Coming next patch!: Achievement armour effects! (Teleporting, recharging prayer, mole indicator, etc) Exoden Fixes and adjustments Add Mage Arena 2, then fuse three and four with new lore Lizard Shaman changes (matching OSRS) Skill guides New On Task Slayer areas (Kalphite Tunnels, Chasm of Fire, Taverly cave tops, etc) Alchemy warning options Unlockable craftables for Expeditious and Slaughter bracelets New Arclight (Eternal Arclight) Eldrax and Abyssal Tentacle charges Here is some media showing off some of the new attributes: Al-Kharid Warriors Achievement Item Rewards Treasure Trail Puzzles Improved Zulrah Mechanics New Potion System Baron Maple Overhaul Ent Trunk chopping TzTok-Jad remake alongside Fight Caves
  4. Post your QOL and Client Suggestions CLIENT ONLY
  5. Zac

    Deadman Mode

    You would not be able to switch to 'Dmm mode' from being a normal player
  6. Fixed some skillcape effects Re-built the Price checker's system Added Global item spawns (Youll find some around home, PvP area, Wilderness, everywhere..) Fixed non attackable NPCs Fixed not being able to set up your Cannon after completing the Mechanical Trouble Sidequest Skotizo has been added! Fixed NPCs not entirely resetting when travelling out of their aggression range Fixed Dharok hitting too high Fixed not being able to access the DKR after completing 'A Dwarf's Secret' Reading books now shows an animation (even when turning pages) Zooknock now makes Monkey Greegrees provided you have a Monkey Talisman, bones and 99k Tortured and Demonic gorillas now drop ballista parts and Zenyte shards instead of whole items You can now make Ballistas You can now imbue an Onyx into a Zenyte shard to make a Uncut zenyte You can now cut Uncut Zenytes The Great Bane of Slaying now does up to 15% of the tasks max health, as well as executes any enemy under 10% health The Dragonbone necklace now grants up to 10 prayer points (Normal: 2, Big: 4, Babydragon/Dragon: 8, Superior/Wyvern/Dagannoth: 10 All skills now have hidden boosts rather than perks (PRESTIGE_LVL*1.03(3% increase per prestige)(For combat skills, +1 per prestige) Rubbing experience lamps now show the total amount of experience received Fixed Permafrost wolves being assigned by Vannaka before completing Beyond the Blizzard Added Skill Guides system. Completed: Attack Hitpoints Mining Strength Fixed Ironman Illerai Guide (was still showing other stores) Made Illerai guide more interactive for Ironman Fixed receiving multiple books at once (broke dialogues) Added Gnome npcs around their stronghold and grandtree Added steve and his Slayer cave (Only assigns creatures in the cave) Fixed Dwarves in Keldagrim not attacking back when fighting each other Fixed Kraken teleport Added Cave Kraken to the Kraken lair Players can now exit and enter the crevice for smaller or boss Kraken Fixed Instanced Bosses (spawn delay) Fixed merlin's dialogue options Added Karam to the Ape atoll area (sells Greegrees and greegree materials) Added Monkey Guards to the Monkey Temple (with drops) The Grand Exchange Artefact will now teleport you to the Grand Exchange Adjusted Filtiarns blizzards (also fixed the examine option) Fixed Lunar isles teleport and Ladders Fixed a glitch with the Suqah's Implemented instanced Slayer master support (Needed for steves cave, assigns a master to their own unique cave only accessed when assigned tasks by them) Added Filtiarn's teleport restriction + Boss battle (whistle now works) Resized 'Eldrax brigandine' shoulders (Thanks to Lumplum) Fixed Introduction dialogues not updating properly (would leave you stuck) Fixed Dialogue interfaces (When you tried to access a interface from a Dialogue, e.g. Teleporting with Merlin, it would not register button clicks) Fixed the Grand Exchange teleporting artefact (wasn't recognising it had actions) Fixed the Shrine of Skilling (wasn't letting you run to it) Re-added Walkable interfaces (Wilderness, Etceteria, pest control, etc) Added Ape Atoll Monkey Guards and Stalls Added the Exit and Entrance of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (good for Beyond the Blizzard if you die and need to return to get items) Added drop tables for: Gnome Guards Monkey Guards Hero Paladin Knight of Ardougne Guard The Thieving skill has been altered: Stalls are now emptied when thieving from them. Multiple clicks from other users will not register the stall change once the stall change has been set (until respawned) Failing to steal from a store will assign the closest Guard, Knight, Paladin and Hero to attack you Pickpocketing now stops NPCs from turning to you Pickpocketing NPCs will now give you a variety of resources (Instead of just coins) New thieving stalls and NPCs added to Ardougne Elves and Warrior Women have been added Attributes of Beyond the Blizzard have been changed: Filtiarn sends an overlay of snow when you're in his passive snowstorm range Permafrost wolves after the quest can't be killed unless you kill their wolves first Permafrost wolves now freeze for 5 seconds until the quest is completed Fixed Permafrost wolves instantly freezing you (Even with Melee) Permafrost wolves now have a bite animation when casting spells Can now find Permafrost wolves on Trollweiss mountain (found down the mountain also, sled needed)(quest must be completed) Ice wolves summoned by Permafrosts are able to walk through wolves to attack you Ice wolves spawning fixed Snowstorm damage has been decreased for quest fight and Spirit of Filtiarn (Wolf form remains maximum 6 damage) Snow storm tick duration increased from 5 to 6, cycles lowered from 7 to 5 Snow storm occurance raised from 30 seconds to 40 seconds Vannaka will now use the teleport animation when he comes back from getting food (if he teleports out) Vannaka now runs when in battle instead of walking Merlin will now heal the player if they are below half health (5-15 health) Players after the quest who use the rock to climb over to the lake will now be placed within a global instance (other players can join too if they complete the quest) and only one player needs to blow the whistle to summon Filtiarn (Can't blow whistle if you're not at the Lake, or if Filtiarn is already spawned) Depending how high up you are on Trollweiss mountain will determine how much damage you'll take every 5 seconds passively (starts at 2 at lowest point, 8 at highest) Camp dwellers now drop Bear head (considered warm clothing) Kyatt clothing protects you from ice related damage (all ice damage reduced by 25%, and slowed instead of frozen)(Works against permafrost wolves and Filtiarn)(entirely protects from climate) Added drops to Permafrost wolves (Not finalised) Altered drops from Ice wolves Re-added walkable interfaces server sided (Wilderness, Multi icon, Duel arena etc) Trap door now leads to donator zone (full perks inside) Added Factory workers to Donatorzone Fixed Taverly spike jump (somewhat) Fixed Dragonstones not being able to be cut Re-wrote Amulet of Glory system New Banking System Placeholders Fixed Search Improved Tabs Improved Speeds for banking Added a button located in the settings Tab to delete all pms Added a new gamframe System to support multiple Ui Added HD-Minimap Added a system to add icons and Rasterizer Methods to the minimap for exmaple Quest Added a discord Bot Fixed the Highscores Changed the loading on the client Improved loading time Speeds Added groundblending Added Shaded shadows Added Skotizo Fixed a issue with kill orbs Did lots of edits to the server core Orbs not edit depending on hp status (Vennom ect) Added Split chat Improved Tweening Added 173 Data Fixed a issue where clippng would break
  7. Zac

    Deadman Mode

    Jake is suggesting a new server tho if its on the same world then sure