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  1. Hi Everyone, I am Authentic. I was the old community manager for Illerai 1.0, and have returned as a Server Advisor to help the boys when I can. I dabble in some front-end website work and have done graphics for several years now. I have known the higher management staff members for years now and I am here to help steer the server in a positive direction when possible. You will rarely see my ingame, as I have lost most of my passion for gaming, but I still want Illerai to succeed as I have direct experience working with the team that I know that they commit a lot of their time and effort in producing a community driven game. Thanks! See you around P.s I'm surprised it took me this long to write one of these.
  2. Welcome back Zen, kind of a belated post.
  3. Hi Guys, how this game will work is that each post must contain 2-3 words which will carry on from where the previous poster left off. The goal is to create a story of some sort. I will start off: In the beginning...
  4. Use the god damn photoshop shizzle i gave you to use you noob
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